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The water level controllers are basically the electronic gadgets that are used for controlling the functions of the pumps. The invention of these devices has assisted in solving water issues by monitoring the supply of water. The automatic water level controllers for submersible pump are a blessing in the agricultural field, where water problems pose […]

The water level controller is your electronic savior as it controls and monitors the functions of your pumps, tanks, and swimming pools. These controllers are excellent in optimizing the performance of your systems as well as in regulating the flow of water. These devices are perfect for agricultural, domestic as well as industrial purposes. The […]

If you have been long thinking of putting an end to the water overflow from the tank or finding ways to save water and even electricity then maybe the knowledge regarding the cost-effective automatic water level controllers will peek your interest. There are more than 200 water level controllers available in the market today both […]

Automatic Water Level Controller: SENSE MODEL In Delhi and other metro cities, some times costumers get dirty water supply from municipal corporation. Its very dangerous situation as consumer may get deadly diseases by using this kind of contaminated water. The water get dirty and smelly when sewer or outside dirty water get mixed with pipeline […]

FX-4i Wireless Water Level Indicator for Multiple Tank Team Aquabrim has just launched a new product: Fx-4i. This a wireless water level indicator. As in india most of the housed are three floor buildings having 3 tanks for each floor and one sump tank. This model has been designed to display water level of 4 tanks. […]