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Level Indicator: FX-4i

This model is designed for water level indication of multiple (Up-to 4) tanks with audio buzzer at empty and full level of tanks. This show 5 level and flow status of each tank. This is suitable for residential houses and bungalows having multiple tanks.

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  • Pentacool-SOLO: This variant is for displaying 5 levels of single tank.

  • It can display level of 1  to 4 tanks.
  • The water display will be as follow:
    • If The water level is below 20%, 1st LED will blink
    • If the water level is above 20% but below 40% , 1st LED will glow
    • If water level is above 40% but below 60%, 1st & 2nd LED will glow
    • If water level is above 60% but below 80%, 1st, 2nd & 3rd LED will glow
    • If water level is above 80% but below 99%, 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th LED will glow
    • If the Tank is full 100%, it will glow all 5 LED.
  • The low level can be set 20%, 40%, 60% & 80%.
  • Whenever there is increase in water level of tank, it will indicate flow pulse in that tank.
  • The buzzer will start in case of full or low level for 3 minuts. It will be off when BUZZER button is pressed.
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