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AQUABRIM has been featured in “The-10-Most-Advanced-Home-Automation-Companies” in October 2018 edition of reputed online magazine INSIGHT SUCCESS Aquabrim: Inducing an ‘Ease-of-Living’ into ‘Way-of-Lives’

Aquabrim has studied all available technology available in market in water supply automation. Most of the systems are based on wired communication and are using obsolete technology. To automate motor pulling water from main supply line, wired systems are timer dependent which runs motor every 30 min to check water supply for at least 5 […]

Automatic Water Level Controller: SENSE MODEL In Delhi and other metro cities, some times costumers get dirty water supply from municipal corporation. Its very dangerous situation as consumer may get deadly diseases by using this kind of contaminated water. The water get dirty and smelly when sewer or outside dirty water get mixed with pipeline […]

SX-4i Wireless Water Level Indicator for Multiple Tank Team Aquabrim has just launched a new product: Sx-4i. This a wireless water level indicator. This model has been designed to display water level of 4 tanks. For the sake of simplicity 5 level bars for each of 4 tanks are provided. There is no such product in […]

In all metro cities there is huge demand and supply gap in water. People install motors which directly draw water from main line to get the maximum water to fulfill there requirement. As every one is suffering from scarcity of water, every one installed direct online motor. These motors create very high negative pressure inside […]

As the world is grippled with scaricity of water, water saving devices can play a crucial role. The most common problem is water overflowing from tank. A good water level controller can solve this problem. There are different king of water level controllers in the market, but the wireless model is most advance model. Wireless […]