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Challenges in automation of Direct Online Motor

In all metro cities there is huge demand and supply gap in water. People install motors which directly draw water from main line to get the maximum water to fulfill there requirement. As every one is suffering from scarcity of water, every one installed direct online motor. These motors create very high negative pressure inside the pipeline resulting to the non availability of water to those who has not installed direct online motor. This force them to install direct online motor also. There is also a drawback of this negative pressure. Due to this negative pressure dirty water, sewage water gets sucked inside the pipeline if the pipeline is corroded resulting contamination of water. To avoid this situation the water supply agency never supply water at a fix time. They supply the water at odd hours also. There are some water level controllers available in the market which automatically start the motor at expected time and check for water availability. But this method is not accurate and it damages the motor also. Aquabrim has developed the sensors which accurately sense the onset of water supply and then only start the motor. It detects water the water supply within minute and start the motor to fill the tank. It saves lot of time and gives assurance of water supply