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Contribute to global water conservation movement by installing automatic water level controllers!

Water Level Controllers To Save Water On This Global Movement

If you have been long thinking of putting an end to the water overflow from the tank or finding ways to save water and even electricity then maybe the knowledge regarding the cost-effective automatic water level controllers will peek your interest.

There are more than 200 water level controllers available in the market today both offline and online. These water level controllers are highly equipped with level indicator, water level meter, wireless water controller and much more to ensure that as soon as the point of water wastage arrives, they can stop it through the sophisticated and functional systems installed within the controllers.

The life durability of the automatic water level controllers or automatic water pump controllers for submersible pumps is really high as they can run for as long as five years and even more from the day of installation.

The water level controllers are suitable for apartments, modern houses, commercial complex, hospitals, hotels, factories and many other locations, where there is a need for automatic water level controls. The controller also helps in preventing the dry running of the motor and also protects the motor from voltage surges. It even turns off the motor as soon as the sump water reaches beneath the foot valve level. The automatic water level controller for submersible pump can also perform its functions in the bore wells.

Aquabrim Water Level Controllers

  • It will help in the conservation of electricity as it is programmed to switch off the pump automatically.
  • It will help you make your noble contribution in saving water because it will not let the water overflow.
  • You can sit back and relax because there is no manual intervention required in these automatic water level controllers.
  • The maintenance of the controllers is not high rather it is really easy to maintain.
  • After it has been installed you will be free from the water and electricity tensions for many years to come.
  • You can switch between bore well and sump water sources.
  • The automatic controllers have auto on as well off functions on the basis of minimum and maximum threshold levels.
  • The fall back options of the manual operations are allowed.
  • The level indicator will also beep on the detection of any error situations caused due to low voltage or dry run.
  • The prices are competitive and affordable to all.

Grab this opportunity of transforming your house, apartment, office complex or any other place into the high-class and effective place for water and electricity consumption.
The automatic  controllers will be your much-needed peace of mind as the manual switching on and off of the pumps will no longer be your problem.

Join the path of making the world a better place by installing the best equipment made for conserving the much necessary natural resources, water.