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Dirty & Smelly water supply ? Reasons and remedy.

Automatic Water Level Controller: SENSE MODEL

In Delhi and other metro cities, some times costumers get dirty water supply from municipal corporation. Its very dangerous situation as consumer may get deadly diseases by using this kind of contaminated water. The water get dirty and smelly when sewer or outside dirty water get mixed with pipeline water. If small quantity of dirty water will mix, you will not be able to detect it by smell or eye. But this small quantity of dirty water is sufficient to spread illness in many consumers.

The main reasons for this are as below:

  1. Old corroded/ outlived  underground water supply  lines
  2. Water supply pipelines passing through sewers/ drains.
  3. Motors drawing water directly from municipal water supply line.
  4. Unauthorized water supply connections and improper drainage system
  5. Unplanned development/ expansion of colonies.
  6. Inadequate water supply.

Due to shortage of water people install motors which suck water directly from main lines. People keep there motor running even if the water supply is stopped. This create negative pressure in the pipeline due to which a corroded/ punctured pipeline suck outside dirty water surrounding the  puncture point. Some times if a pipeline is passing through a sewer/ drain, the dirty water corrodes the pipe and get inside the pipeline.

Although its the primary duty of water supplying civic agency to do replacement of corroded/ damaged pipelines, we should also take following precaution:

  1. The responsible civic agency should be informed immediately.
  2. Boil the water before consuming it.
  3. Never suck water directly from main supply line by motor, specially after water supply is gone.
  4. Avoid the water supply for initially few minute after it started.

As there is huge shortage of water, there is not enough water pressure in pipeline to deliver the water in consumers overhead/ underground tank. This force the consumers to install motors which suck water from main water supply line and fill their water tanks.

Aquabrim’s automatic water level controller model SENSE is specially designed for the motors connected directly to main water supply line. It has many intelligent inbuilt feature which will help you in such situation.

  1. It detects the water supply very precisely and initial delay can be set to start motor after few minute from detection of water supply. It avoid the motor to suck dirty water accumulated inside the pipeline during No Supply duration.
  2. If the water supply is stopped, it detects very quickly and stop the motor and avoid sucking of dirty water.
  3. As Aquabrim sensors detects water supply precisely, it tries to fill your tank within water supply timing.