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General questions
What is difference between water level controller and indicator?

The automatic controller automaticaly start the motor when there is less water in tank and after fillng the tank it stops the motor and no humen intervention is required. The indicator syatem indicate the water level in storage tank and customer has to start the motor if the indicator show less water in storage tank and stop the motor when indicator show full level.

How the wireless water level controller works

This system works on the principle of radio frequency data communication. A self powered transmitter unit is installed at storage tank and its level sensors are dipped in storage tank at various level. The controller is installed near the switch of the motor. The transmitter reads the water level data through its level sensor and flow status from flow sensor and send this data wirelessly to its controller. After recieving the data of transmitter the controller acts as per its model and logic.

What are advantages of wireless controller over wired controller.
  • It dose not detoriate the asthetic of premises. No more loose hanging wires.
  • Being wireless, no problem of wire breakage.
  • As transmitters are self powered, no chance to accidental high voltage leakage to water tank
  • No more cleaning of of sensor required.
  • No more wiring expences.
  • Easy to installation
  • Easy to configure
If two systems are installed side by side, will the signals of transmitters of one system interfere with another system?

Every system has its unique identity. A controller will only accept the signal of its unique coded group transmitters.

What is the range of wireless controller?

At clear line of sight 450m. However at actual sinerio the range depends upon the various kind of obstruction between transmitter and controller.

Dose the transmitter require external power supply?

No. The transmitters are self powered either by 2 Nos duracell( AA size) or by a soler cell with a rechargeable battery


What is battery life of transmitters?

The duracell battery lasts more than 18 months and soler cell with rechargeable battery last more than 3 year.

What is the power consumption of Controller unit?

Less then 1 Watt.

Can my local electrician install the system?

Yes, It is very easy to install. To support, installation guide is available with every product.

If a singal pump is supplying water in more than one tank, how this controller will work?

If the motor is filling more then one tank ( Max 5 Nos), transmitters will be installed at every tank. The controller will receive the data of water level of every tank and it will act according to the tank having least water. For this king of system it is necessary that all the tanks are fitted with float valve. This multitanks option is available with automatic systems.

What is the solution if the controller is installed beyond the signal range of transmitter?

One or multiple signal boosters/ repeaters can be installed at some intermediate locations where it is able to receive the signal and send the signal to the controller or another repeatar. Thease repeatrs are specially required in large industries and housing socities.

Can a repeter used for transmitting the signal of multiple transmitters.

A repeater can transmit the signals of maximum 20 transmitters.

What is starter of Motor?

Starter is a device used to start/ stop Electric motors of capacity 1 HP and above. Generaly it consists two separate buttons, one for starting motor and another to stop motor.

What are the protections it gives to the motor ?

Our system provide high/ low voltage protection i.e. it stops the motor if voltage is above 250volt and below 180 volt.If the flow sensor is installed, It also gives dry run protection to motoe i.e if the flow of water from delivery pipe is intruppted for more then 5 min it will stop the motor. If inspite of 2 hour continuos running of motor the level of overhead tank dose change, it stops the motor. These features can be disabled according to site requirement.

What is voltage protection? Can it be enabled/ disabled?

If the supply voltage is out of 180~250 range, the system will stop the motor. It will start the motor again when voltage is between 180~250 volt. Yes, this protection can be enabled/ disabled.

What is timeout? Can it be enable / disabled?

To prevent the running of motor in faulty condition, time limits has been set in following manner. Within two hour the water level should reach from less then 50% to 50% level or from 50% level to 75% level. Within 30min the water level should reach from 75% to 100%. Yes for large tanks it can be enabled/disabled.

From where I can buy this system?

In Delhi NCR region you can order on phone number given at website for cash on delivery. For out side region online order can be placed through this website. After reciept of payment,the product will be dispatched by speed post to you.

How I will know which model & variant suits my requirement?

Please fill the information about your requirement at "Ask Expert". Our expert will suggest you suitable product.