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Automatic System: Ace~ Protect Submersible, Save Water

This model is designed for controlling the motor which pump water from assured source of water i.e. from large underground tank to O.H. Tank or by bore-well motor to Under Ground Tank/ O.H.Tank.

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  • Ace OH1P : This is for single switch operated single phase motors up to 1HP for roof tank.
  • Ace+ OH1P : This is for single phase motors with starter panel for filling roof tank
  • Ace+ UG1P : This is for single phase motor with starter panel to fill underground tank.

  • Wireless: No wiring from roof tank/ underground tank to controller unit
  • No external power source is required for transmitters. Battery/ Solar powered transmitters. AA-Size Battery of transmitters last more then one year.
  • Scale, rust and maintenance free level sensors.
  • L.E.D indication for 3 water level of tank and status of water flow in tank
    Starts Motor automatically whenever water level in tank goes below 50% and stop the motor when tank get full.
  • Dry Run Protection: If while running motor water flow in overhead tank is interrupted for more then 2 minute, it will stop the motor. After that it will again start motor after 30 min to check the flow and fill the tank.
  • High/Low Voltage Protection: If the supply voltage is out of range 170- 250 V it stops the motor.
  • ADD-ON: Option for Wi-Fi connectivity and online level monitoring and motor control also available.
  • One Year warranty.
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