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Automatic System: Prima~ No More Water Overflow

This water level controller model is designed for controlling the domestic water motor which uplift water from under ground tank to over head roof tank.

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  • Prima OH1P : This is for single phase motors up to 2 HP.

  • Wireless: No wiring from roof tank/ underground tank to controller unit
  • No external power source is required for transmitters. Battery powered transmitters. AA-Size Battery of transmitters last more then 2 year.
  • Scale, rust and maintenance free level sensors.
  • L.E.D indication for 3 water level of Over Head Tank, Sump Tank and water flow in tank.
  • Starts Motor automatically whenever  water level in Roof Tank goes below 50% and stop the motor when tank get full. While filling overhead tank if water level in Underground goes below 20%, it stops the motor. After that it will start motor again if water in underground tank is at least 30%.
  • Dry Run Protection: If while running motor water flow in overhead tank is interrupted for more then 2 minute it will stop the motor
  • High/Low Voltage Protection: If the supply voltage is out of range 170-250V it stops  the motor.
  • Manual Motor start switch provided.
  • One Year warranty.
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