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Automatic System: Ripple ~ Never Miss Water Supply

This automatic water level controller is designed for controlling the motor which draw water direct from municipal corporation water supply line. Its specially designed water sensor detects water supply within minute and start motor to fill your tank. Its water supply sensor can detect water supply even if water is up-to 50 meter away from motor. This water sensor can also detect water supply even if motor is installed on 1st floor. This automatic Pump Controller is designed for Indian metropolitan cities. Many intelligent logic & features are embedded for optimum performance. This system is perfect tool for home automation.

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  • Real time detection  of water supply in main line by Aquabrim Water Sensors. (Timer option also available).
  • Remote monitoring through wifi for analysis of system performance and operation.
  • Automatic motor controller: Starts Motor automatically whenever sensor detects water supply in main line and  stop the motor when tank get full or the flow of water in tank interrupted in absence of water in main line. Its most intelligent automatic water pump controller.
  • Wireless Technology: This is totally wireless water level controller. It don’t require wiring from roof tank/ underground tank to controller unit. The water level controller price is still in affordable range.
  • No external power source is required for transmitters. Battery/ Solar powered transmitters. AA-Size Battery of transmitters last more then 4 year.
  • Scale, rust and maintenance free level sensors.
  • This automatic water level control system display L.E.D indications for 3 water level of Tank, water flow in tank , Timer/ Water supply in main line along with buzzer sound.
  • Dry Run Protection: If while running motor water flow in storage tank is interrupted for more then 2 minute it will stop the motor and tries 2 times after the interval of 2 minute.
  • High/Low Voltage Protection: If the supply voltage is out of range 170- 250 V, it stops the motor.
  • Water Search: If this button pushed, it will start motor and If water is  available in main line it will fill the tank and switch off the motor.
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