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SX-4i Wireless Water Level Indicator for Multiple Tank

Team Aquabrim has just launched a new product: Sx-4i. This a wireless water level indicator. This model has been designed to display water level of 4 tanks. For the sake of simplicity 5 level bars for each of 4 tanks are provided. There is no such product in the market that too wireless. One more feature has been added: FLOW INDICATION. This model display the indication of flow if the water level rises in the tank. This feature is very important to assure that motor is not running dry. As per the requirement customer can order for 1 tank, 2 tank, 3 tank or for 4 tank. If a customer has ordered indicator for one tank, later on he can add transmitters for additional tanks if required. We hope this model will fulfill the requirement of our customers.

Level Indicator: FX-4i